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Give Online

Pathway provides online giving for those who appreciate the convenience of online banking and who want to ensure that they are giving regularly. 

In order to give, go into your Zelle account (often found within your bank's application), choose "send money through Zelle" and write as the recipient. 

If you need a donation receipt, please send us an email. 

Thank You

For your faithfulness in giving and in living out the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s because of your support that Pathway is able to serve others both locally and globally. You may give during the Sunday or Wednesday services, as well as by mail or online.


Money and church can be a touchy issue – but it doesn’t have to be. We don’t give because God needs our money, and we don’t give because the church needs our money. It’s much bigger than that. We give because God asked us to, and following through shows that we trust Him.

God knows that your loyalty is found where your money is (Matthew 6:19-21). And because God wants to be first in our lives, he asks us to trust Him with our money.

For Christians, tithing (a word meaning ‘tenth’) is the starting point. Tithing is giving the first 10% of our income back to the local church. If you call Pathway your home, we encourage you to give generously, knowing that your money is being used to support the mission of Jesus Christ – both here in Riverside, and around the world.

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